A note from issue #6 guest editor Corey Wakeling

Image result for charcoal chicken shop

Something’s stirring in the flat one floor above the chicken shop one floor below mine. Any clue what that might be? A god, or a frayed gas hose?

Something’s sizzling in the fat one level above the fowl pantry one level below mine. Any clue what that might be? A gad, or a contested spirit stocking?

Something’s quarrelling in the clef one stage above the game store one stage below mine. Any clue what that might be? A dag, or an embattled vapour filling?

Something’s debating in the key one step above the trial rostrum one step below mine. Any clue what that might be? A dig, or an assailed phlogiston congestion?

Something’s deceasing in the wedge one foothold above the thimblerig dais one foothold below mine. Any clue what that might be? A dog, or a battered smoke dam?

Someone’s blundering in the niche one surface above the sheath table one surface below mine. Any clue what that might be? Any clue at all?

Submit your results –

to pinkcoverzine@gmail.com

  • Short fiction/non-fiction (one piece up to (around) 1000 words)
  • Poetry (no more than three poems)
  • Photography (send as many as you like)
  • Other – collage, drawing, painting or anything else that can be presented in print (send whatever you like provided it can be sent digitally).

Submissions close on/around January 1st 2020.


Corey Wakeling is the author of Gargantuan Terrier, Buggy or Dinghy (Vagabond Press, 2012), Goad Omen (Giramondo 2013), and The Alarming Conservatory (Giramondo 2018). His poetry appears in the country’s leading journals and has been anthologized in such places as fourW, Best Australian Poems, Writing to the Wire (UWA Publishing 2016), Active Aesthetics: Contemporary Australian Poetry (Tuumba/Giramondo 2016), and Fremantle Press Anthology of Western Australian Poetry (2017). Corey received a PhD in English and Theatre Studies from the University of Melbourne in 2013 for a thesis on Samuel Beckett. He lives in the Kansai region of Japan.


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