Issue #3: Mementos – Call for Submissions

Pink Cover Zine, Issue #3: Mementos

Guest Editor: Ramon Loyola


One quiet evening you will return

To join your elders speaking

Of Freedom hanging in the sky, and

Inspired, you will relate on wings

Of such eloquence the burden of a dream

– From Myths for a Wilderness, Tiang Hong Ee

We all have dreams, but, for many, dreams aren’t free. They come with the price of leaving something behind. Whether it is a person, a special object, a piece of childhood nostalgia, a ritual, a language, or a sense of self: the things we miss leave a lasting imprint. Sometimes, we stuff special items into the inside pockets of suitcases, or wear them like talismans to be carried across lands and passed down through generations. We take what we can, and we cling to these items as we start anew.

In this special issue of Pink Cover Zine, guest-edited by Ramon Loyola, we will be exploring the theme of ‘mementos’. The things we carry from place to place in our hands, hearts, minds and bodies. They might be physical objects, they might be scars, they might be secrets or memories hidden deep and only retrieved on rare occasions. We are interested in hearing about mementos in all forms, including experimental responses to the theme, and are accepting submissions until June 30th 2018.


  • Short Fiction/Non Fiction (one piece up to (around) 1,000 words)
  • Poetry (no more than three poems)
  • Photography (send as many as you like)
  • Other – collage, drawing, painting or anything else that can be presented in print (send whatever you like provided it can be sent digitally)

We are very fortunate to have Ramon Loyola working with us for this issue. Ramon is a poet, editor and author from Sydney with writings in various online & print publications in Australia and overseas. He is currently the co-editor of the creative arts journal Verity La’s Discoursing Diaspora project.

Email submissions to


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