Let’s Talk About Sex

Pink Cover Zine issue #2 is open for submissions and invites your stories, poems, creations and musings about sex in all it’s proliferations!

The single celled organism Tetrahymena thermophilia has seven sexes and can reproduce in 21 combinations. Human, animal, plant, prokaryote: sex is fundamental, and we want to know your take on it. When it comes to sex there is no normal, so we are especially interested in reading pieces that explore and reflect on aspects of sex that are under-represented in the mainstream.

We are open to pieces exploring but not limited to:

  • sexual experiences, from the awkward to the transformational.
  • the spectrum of sex and sexuality.
  • modern sexuality: dating, porn and the digital body.
  • sex in nature and the sciences.
  • erotica and fetishism.
  • sex and spirituality.
  • intersections between pop culture and sex.
  • corporeality: the body, its fluids and all its complexities.
  • any and all abstract interpretations…


  • Short Fiction/Non Fiction (one piece up to (around) 1,000 words)
  • Poetry (no more than three poems)
  • Photography (send as many as you like)
  • Other – collage, drawing, painting or anything else that can be presented in print (send whatever you like provided it can be sent digitally)

Submissions close on Tuesday, February 20th for publication in print and digitally in March/April 2018.

Email submissions to: pinkcoverzine@gmail.com


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