A note from issue #6 guest editor Corey Wakeling

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Something’s stirring in the flat one floor above the chicken shop one floor below mine. Any clue what that might be? A god, or a frayed gas hose?

Something’s sizzling in the fat one level above the fowl pantry one level below mine. Any clue what that might be? A gad, or a contested spirit stocking?

Something’s quarrelling in the clef one stage above the game store one stage below mine. Any clue what that might be? A dag, or an embattled vapour filling?

Something’s debating in the key one step above the trial rostrum one step below mine. Any clue what that might be? A dig, or an assailed phlogiston congestion?

Something’s deceasing in the wedge one foothold above the thimblerig dais one foothold below mine. Any clue what that might be? A dog, or a battered smoke dam?

Someone’s blundering in the niche one surface above the sheath table one surface below mine. Any clue what that might be? Any clue at all?

Submit your results –

to pinkcoverzine@gmail.com

  • Short fiction/non-fiction (one piece up to (around) 1000 words)
  • Poetry (no more than three poems)
  • Photography (send as many as you like)
  • Other – collage, drawing, painting or anything else that can be presented in print (send whatever you like provided it can be sent digitally).

Submissions close on/around January 1st 2020.


Corey Wakeling is the author of Gargantuan Terrier, Buggy or Dinghy (Vagabond Press, 2012), Goad Omen (Giramondo 2013), and The Alarming Conservatory (Giramondo 2018). His poetry appears in the country’s leading journals and has been anthologized in such places as fourW, Best Australian Poems, Writing to the Wire (UWA Publishing 2016), Active Aesthetics: Contemporary Australian Poetry (Tuumba/Giramondo 2016), and Fremantle Press Anthology of Western Australian Poetry (2017). Corey received a PhD in English and Theatre Studies from the University of Melbourne in 2013 for a thesis on Samuel Beckett. He lives in the Kansai region of Japan.


Issue 5: Lawlessness – now available


We are very excited to announce that Issue #5 on the theme of ‘lawlessness’ is now available for digital download.

Warmest thanks to guest editor Kristen de Kline for bringing together such a fantastic selection of work. And to all contributors who shared their lawless experiences.

Copies will be available to buy at the Newcastle Young Writer’s Festival Zine Fair on Sunday 6th of October. If you aren’t able to attend but would like to purchase a copy email pinkcoverzine@gmail.com.

Issue #6 will be open for submissions shortly.

Issue 4: South – Digital Download

Yesterday I had another wonderful day at the MCA Zine Fair launching issue #4 and sharing a table with my friend Ashleigh Watson from So Fi Zine. Thanks to our very talented contributor Denise O’Hagan for stopping by to say hi and for sharing these photos.

The digital version can now be downloaded here.


A big thank you to all those who made the Fair possible, those who shared their work, and those who supported the event. It is always energising to be surrounded by so much positive creative energy.

Don’t forget submissions for issue #5 are open until the end of the month.

Issue 5: Lawlessness. Open for submissions!

In this special issue of Pink Cover Zine, guest-edited by Kristen de Kline we will be exploring the theme of lawlessness.

What does it mean to be lawless? To inhabit the spaces of lawlessness? A number of concepts come to mind – exile, anarchy, revolution, criminality – but how do we engage with such zones in our creative pursuits? Do they come from a space of lawless passion? Or a space embodied by something lethal – the nicking of flesh, the letting of blood?

Please fire away your subversive scribblings, your raw unpolished offerings, your fugitive texts.

We want words that bleed   howl   sing   wail.

Lines that crash.

Stanzas that burn.

We also encourage works that are lawless in their forms or composition. Writing/graphics that flaunt with conventions, dismantle boundaries, resist the sanitised, explode the bureaucratic.


  • Short fiction/ficto-criticism/Non-fiction (one piece up to (around) 1000 words)
  • Poetry (no more than three poems)
  • Photography (send as many as you like)
  • Other – collage, drawing, painting or anything else that can be presented in print (send whatever you like provided it can be sent digitally).

Submissions open until May 31st but if you’re feeling extra lawless, a short grace period may be provided. Send to pinkcoverzine@gmail.com

Issue 4 is now open for submissions!

To be anywhere is always to be south of somewhere else. We move south in hope of different horizons. Sometimes things go south and end up worse than they were before. From southern migrations to the Great Southern Land, what happens when we orientate our words against a northern gaze?

Pink Cover Zine Issue #4 is now open for submissions on the theme of ‘South.’ Broad interpretations of the theme are encouraged.

In preparation for editing this issue, I am collecting collage materials while travelling in Colombia. To explore further the connections between southern localities I will be accepting pieces in both Spanish and English (with or without translations).


  • Short Fiction/Non Fiction (one piece up to (around) 1,000 words)
  • Poetry (no more than three poems)
  • Photography (send as many as you like)
  • Other – collage, drawing, painting or anything else that can be presented in print (send whatever you like provided it can be sent digitally)

Submissions close on 15th of January 2019.

Email submissions to pinkcoverzine@gmail.com


Issue 3: Mementos

Pink Cover Zine Issue # 3 is now available for digital download. As many know, the theme of ‘mementos’ became all the more poignant when guest editor Ramon Loyola recently passed away. I hope this issue will honour Ramon’s memory for years to come. I have a limited number of print copies available for purchase for $10 (including postage within Australia) for those who would like one. Email pinkcoverzine@gmail.com for details.

I extend my love and well wishes to Ramon’s family in the Phillipines, and all those who knew Ramon, as they continue to grieve.

Pink Cover Zine – Issue 3 – Digital


Invisible Shadows

A big thank you to Young Writer’s Day at Western Sydney University for having me present a zine making workshop today. I was inspired by the creative energy of the students who participated. By reworking the book ‘David Gentleman’s London’, we collaboratively produced a zine called ‘Invisible Shadows,’  reflecting on colonial influence, and finding one’s place in the world geographically and creatively.

Check it out. The future is certainly very bright.

Invisible Shadows – Young Writer’s Day 2018

Vale, Ramon Loyola

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, cloud, sky and outdoor

It is with incredible sadness and shock that I share the news that friend, poet and editor Ramon Loyola passed away yesterday after suffering a brain aneurysm. I had the privilege of working with Ramon as a guest editor for the upcoming issue of Pink Cover Zine – just days ago we were making the final edits before print – and Ramon, as always, poured a lot of love into his work.

Ramon was kind, open, talented and a friend to many in the literary community. When I moved to Sydney he welcomed me warmly, supported my work, and while I did not know him as well as some, I will always be grateful to him for sharing his passion for poetry with me, and for helping me to grow the zine from day one.

Pink Cover Zine Issue #3 will still be printed in his honour, and I hope to share this beautiful collection of work handpicked by Ramon with the world soon.

You will be sadly missed dear friend.


Young Writer’s Day

I have been invited to present a zine-making workshop at Young Writer’s Day 2018 on the 26th of September at Western Sydney University. I am so humbled to be able to share my passion with the next generation of writers, and to show them that there is a whole world of possibility outside of traditional publishing methods.

Also, what a wonderful excuse to stock up on new supplies.

Each year, talented young writers hone their skills in the company of like-minded peers at Young Writers’ Day (YWD).  Year 10 and 11 students from Greater Western Sydney schools gather to hear a keynote address from a prominent author, with the opportunity for Q&A.  They then take part in two workshops each, with a wide choice of topics across different genres and aspects of writing.  All the workshops are run by published authors, including many award-winners.

Meanwhile, I am busily working away with Ramon Loyola on issue #3. Thank you so much for all the wonderful submissions. Just when I think the work we receive just couldn’t possibly get any better…

Coming October!